Salesforce consultation

Tech14 discover the solution to a number of challenges in Salesforce, including

To convert low win rates of sales to highly win rate with sales process with Salesforce cloud.we suggest using default salesforce functionality or applying code -logic customization with efficient automation process.It allows creating a well-structured sales process and showing how it’s followed, which guides sales reps on their way to closing deals.Salesforce Consultation can bring a 40% win-rate increase and 70% revenue genrated. We can help you to improve your customer service quality default or custom case management functionality of Salesforce Service Cloud because low customer service due to lengthy case resolution.

Tech14 helps, you will know how to leverage its mechanisms of automated case assignment, prioritization and escalation allow supporting your service agents’ productivity, which results in 70% quicker case resolution.We show how to increase clients' case rates by creating efficient omni-channel marketing campaigns and enabling digital advertising with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud functionality.

As a conclusion, our customer be able to engage with a large number of his clients' , treating each of them in a highly personalized way, which may lead to a 75% better solution.

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We are an IT consulting & training company with expertise in market-leading CRM such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Implementation Consultation Support Training

Defining Business

We aim to provide excellent consultation services to clients, offering solutions to increase visibility, reduce resolution time, and automate processes. Our Salesforce consulting services efficiently address business challenges in a timely manner.

Mapping Business

Mapping Business

Mapping business objectives into Salesforce features takes place after your business goals are clear. Now it’s time to choose Salesforce functionality (either default or custom) to achieve them.



We recommnend suitable Salesforce edition and choosing the right edition that you get your business challenges addressed without paying need features.which will be a perfect match your business.


Designing Sales

Designing Salesforce cloud processes in Sales, service and marketing. Such as: we automate sales and customer service workflows, create personalized customer journeys and targeted advertising campaigns do a lot more to help our customer reach their business goals with Salesforce.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Clouds

Marketing Cloud is powerful automation software that enhances marketing efficiency to win and engage customers for lifelong trusted relationships. Aimed at marketing professionals, it offers the highest return on investment by understanding and offering what customers are really interested in.



Building a user adoption strategy. To help your users to master the new system, we create a user adoption strategy, which comprises iterative user training, timely user support by the Salesforce admin, release notes, and rewards for advanced Salesforce users.

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