Salesforce Implementation



We understand your existing business requirements and increasing sale representatives' productivity, reduces long sales cycles and creating extensive customer view.


Customization & Configuration

We analyze solutions in two ways: by function complexity and cost of platform modification. Configuration is a point-and-click modification of Salesforce capabilities, while customization involves development with Apex code for stronger solutions on the platform.


API Integration

We operate integration to connect Salesforce system to different applications such as e-commerce platform and document management system ensure increased visibility of data flows across integrated applications or clouds.

Data Migration

Data Migration

We can easy to migrate your data into the Salesforce CRM without any data loss. Less time consuming, Due to analyzing and structuring your legacy data before the migration, fast and secure process.


Clients' Training

We serve Salesforce training to increase user acceptance and help users to adapt to the capabilities of the delivere solution and make the best potential use of Salesforce standard and custom features and boost employees' productivity.


Support & Maintenance

We offer on-demand support services after the launch of Salesforce usage, including guidance, feature assistance, user training, resolving issues, and providing release notes.

We’re Awards Winning Modern Business Solutions Agency

We are an IT consulting & training company with expertise in market-leading CRM such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Implementation Consultation Support Training

Get easy to use and expected automated business processes

We configure multiple automation process for customer service-related processes such as providing discounts, following up on prospects, prioritizing cases.We can use standard Salesforce process automation functionality or code-logic customization to automate business processes of enterprise complexity depending on your business needs.

As result, clients will be able to better manage sales, products and service for improve customer satisfaction.

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